Wellbeing Massage -
Massage Therapy for Pain Relief & Relaxation

So many of us (me included sometimes!) try to keep on going about our business, with niggling aches, pains and/or general stiffness. We can easily forget just how good we are meant to feel, and get used to varying degrees of pain, poor range of movement, and our bodies feeling generally restricted and uncomfortable.

Massage therapy can help.

 I don't have a 'menu' of lots of types of massage. I am qualified in Sports & Remedial and Swedish massage therapy, and use different soft tissue techniques according to any aches and pains you tell me about and what I feel under my hands when I start massaging you. You might not have anything you feel needs to be 'fixed' and just want to have a relaxing massage. What I say to that is: 'Great! What are you waiting for?!'

Good Pain!

I'm not a 'no pain, no gain' therapist, instead, I work with you, at a pressure that feels comfortable to you which may be a very light massage or a much firmer one, up to the level of 'good pain'. We discuss this at your first appointment and I adapt the massage according to the feedback you give me as we go along.

Can I fit this into my life?

Why, yes! I work in time blocks (30 minutes, 40 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half). The Clinic is open by appointment (9am-6pm Tuesdays-Fridays, and also Saturdays, 9am-2pm). I may discuss with you frequency of follow up appointments if you're in pain but it really is up to you, and you are welcome to come once in a blue moon or make a more regular appointment.

How does that all sound? Good, I hope! I look forward to meeting you.

Wellbeing Clinic, 62 Commissioner Street, Crieff, Perthshire. PH7 3AY.

To book an appointment, please contact 
Penny Thomas:
Mobile: 07958-789 876
                  Email: pthomastherapies@aol.com

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